21 Days In – Don’t Give UP!

24 Jan


It’s exactly a month since my last post. It’s funny, I thought it would be great to share all the wonderful things I discover in my day to day travels, yet I seem to be editing things way too much. As I thought about this default habit of mine, I realized what I would post for January.

As I drove home from work on Monday night, I learned that it was the saddest day of the year. It struck me as odd…we are only 21 days into the New Year, it’s a brand new year, how can we be depressed 21 days into it? Then I remembered a few years ago I tried to do a Cleanse and I remember reading it takes 21 days to change your palate. I found that to be an interesting bit of trivia and also a ploy to make me believe the bland food would eventually taste wonderful. Then, I read that it takes 21 days to change a habit. Aha! I don’t know about you but breaking the habits that do not work for me has taken me much longer than 21 days. It got me thinking, are we putting too much pressure on ourselves at the beginning of a new year to instantly change harden facts about ourselves in a matter of a few days?  Are we doing things in extremes? The report listed the reasons for the blues: credit card bills, holiday burn out, failed resolutions and the lousy weather. I’m sure there are many other reasons because not everyone lives in the Great White North. I know Dude sitting at the beach is not bummed out because of the weather…perhaps he is out of board wax. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about it for the past few days and all is not lost. I believe it is a blessing in disguise and it’s actually quite remarkable that in 21 days we realize that what we’ve set ourselves up for in the year ahead is unrealistic; we simply need to adjust our goals. So, here are a few suggestions. Pick up a pen and start writing out intentions for the year ahead, forget resolutions, think about how you want to show up in 2013. Find words that best describe that for you and narrow it down to one word. Then start BE-ing that word in all the things you do and want to do. Pick up the credit card bills and make a plan to start paying them off (good luck with that – c’mon it sounds good) and look at the areas where you can cut back. Find an activity you can do in any kind of weather and as far as festivities go, call an old pal you haven’t spoken to in a while and catch up. Hey! Why not go one step further and meet that friend for a fun activity in any kind of weather. Smiles, exercise and a good dose of laughter are always the best medicine for the blues.

If you’re like most of us, you’ll put it off. Thank goodness you’ve got 344 days left in the year!  Woo Hoo!

Interesting thing to note, to ignite a change in the way you do things, you need to practice the positive new habit for 21 consecutive days. Ah, I know that app! Commitment.