Beer Review: Gringo Cerveza

21 Jun

What I had: Gringo Cerveza

Where I had it: Joey’s Restaurant, Yonge & Dundas, Toronto

Monday’s at Joey’s means $3.99 for either a Gringo Cerveza or their Cocktail Pale Ale. The Gringo is a Mexican style beer, quite similar to Corona, and also served with a lime. There’s no particularly unique flavour about it, but it’s quite refreshing on a hot day, and the giant open windows in the front of the restaurant turn the whole veranda into a very comfortable covered patio. Your other Monday drink deal is a Bellini, but on a hot day, you’d probably drink them too fast then have to deal with the inevitable brain-freeze.

What I liked: It was refreshing, cheap, and featured some Mexican Day of the Dead artwork in their logo.

What I didn’t like: Nothing terribly unique about it.